2019-12-13 16:55:12

Governor Koster Launches BUMDes sm@rt247 Card at Duda Timur in Line with Bali Smart Island Plan

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Karangasem, 12/12 (Atnews) – GOVERNOR of Bali, Dr. Wayan Koster, launched the Application and Village-Owned Enterprise (BUMDes) sm@rt247 card of Duda Timur village to support the Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali in Karangasem on Thursday (Dec. 12). 
The application is one of the latest features of sm@rt village to support the national non-cash movement. “I am interested in this application to support Smart Island because of affordable cost and easily integrated to all administrative and customary villages throughout Bali,” he said.
Therefore, his authority has launched free Wi-Fi to villages. Meanwhile, next year it will be installed to customary villages, health centers and schools (high school/vocational school). Despite living at villages, Koster hoped not to miss ‘science and technology.’
The effort is meant to make human resources (HR) be able to compete globally without leaving the supreme roots of Balinese culture.
Chairman of the Karangasem House of Representatives, I Gede Dana, supported the implementation of the sm@rt village to all villages. This effort is made in increasing the competitiveness of Balinese human resources leading to advanced Indonesia.
Meanwhile, Headman of East Duda, I Gede Pawana, hoped that BUMDes sm@rt247 card will make it easy for citizens to perform transactions.
The technology applied does not only connect to inter-villages but also inter-accounts, and inter-banks worldwide. With real time transaction capability, later on it will get connected to more than 10,000 banks worldwide. The development of sm@rt village began in late 2017 to coincide with the eruption of Mount Agung.
Moreover, the sm@rt village has received five MURI records and visits from a number of Indonesian regions such as Yogyakarta, East Java, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. The innovation is meant to reduce the remaining poverty of 275 households out of 723 families. Even, they are no longer productive because of the age factor of 60 years and over.
Besides, he has collaborated with three legislators from East Duda namely Ni Kadek Darmini (legislator of the Bali House of Representatives of PDI-P faction), I Wayan Suparta and I Wayan Swastika (legislators of Karangasem House of Representatives).
Designer and creator of the sm@rt village, PT Saebo Technology, Sonny Kastara Dhaniswara, stated that it is launched to support the national non-cash movement. At the same time, it is meant to support the vision of President Jokowi to develop the country from the periphery.
The application can be used without the need for an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) engine. The effort is meant to overcome the weaknesses of non-cash national movement remaining to use the EDC machine so it does not reach the middle to lower classes (MSMEs). The card has a multifunction namely as a citizen card to access Automated Teller Machine (ATM), debit and e-toll.
Last but not least, it has real time transaction capability for 24 hours with security (512-bit, floating servers, biometrics, multi-passwords) ease and high speed. “Residents can open accounts for 24 hours without the need to be present at bank and the account can be active instantly,” he said. (ART)

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