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Vegan Life Builds Love of the World Community

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Denpasar, 4/12 (Atnews) — Author of the book “The World Peace Diet” Will Tuttle, Ph.D., builds love for the people of the world by living a vegan life. It is meant to eliminate violence against other beings that deserve the same affection.
“The effort is to bring about peace, starting from oneself and spread to a wider community,” said Tuttle accompanied by his partner Madeleine in Denpasar, on Tuesday (Dec. 3).
This was conveyed when he was a speaker at the Come-Meet Vegan-Friendly Gathering of Amazon Best Seller Author of The World Peace Diet, Will Tuttle, Ph.D. On that occasion, the event also presented Hippocrates Health Educator and Vegan Activist, Philips Nicozisis.
The activity was organized by the Indonesian Vegetarian Society (IVS) and the Vegan Society of Indonesia (VSI). The presentation was intended to bring inspiration equipped with paintings in arousing public awareness. The painting itself was made in person by Madeleine, a visionary artist from Switzerland.
He also offered annual World Peace Diet facilitator training and online seminars for people who are interested in better understanding on vegan life. World Vegan Union President, Dr. Susianto, assured the public that they should not hesitate in choosing a vegan lifestyle to worry about the nutritional deficiencies that the body needs. Moreover, the plant-based foods have higher and better nutritional benefits than animals.
For example, the percentage of protein in tofu amounts to 16 percent, corn (13 percent), rice (8.6 percent), soybeans (10-35 percent), almonds (14-30 percent) and sunflower seeds (18-24 percent). Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant as well as contain fiber which is good for health and longevity.
“Vegetables have balanced nutrition and have the opportunity and benefits of preventing dangerous diseases,” he said.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Committee, I Gde Agus Wibawa, hoped the event can inspire people to choose vegan life. The pattern of life is not only beneficial for individuals but fellow living creatures and preservation of the earth in the future considering that a variety of human problems cannot be separated from the attitudes and diets remaining to consume non-vegan and vegetarian foods. (ART)

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